The firm has had successful results in some of the most difficult, complex, and hard-fought contests, and has a reputation for zealously defending the interests of its clients.  The firm handles both state and federal cases on matters ranging from capital murder to mortgage fraud to drug crimes to driving while impaired (DWI).  The firm is regarded for its aggressive factual investigation, comprehensive legal research and motions practice, and thorough preparation. Depending on the particular case, the firm will often enlist the involvement of private investigators, mitigation specialists, and experts from various professions.

Because of the firm’s vigorous representation of its clients, many are never charged.  Thus, some the firm’s greatest successes have been in investigations that never became public.  

Although protecting the individual client is the firm’s unyielding focus, the firm is intimately aware that few issues confront our nation and impact its citizens as persistently as inequalities in the criminal justice system.  Inadequate legal representation, disparities in treatment due to race and class, and discriminatory jury selection procedures all work against the fair and proper administration of justice.  This awareness is reflected in the firm’s litigation strategies in particular cases, as well as the firm’s civic and political involvements.